Kinograph Title Nominations - 1st ever!

Hi all,

Today I have published a blog post and added to the About page a list of people who have made significant contributions to Kinogaph and who have therefore earned a title under the Kinograph banner.

I cannot thank you all enough for your contributions. Without them Kinograph would be another forgotten project collecting dust. Thank you.

We will do this process once a quarter from now on. So please keep a lookout for people on the forums that you think are really making a difference. A reminder on what the titles mean can be found here.

##Community Consultants
Has contributed to Kinograph in a way that reflects the community’s values of openness, generosity, and collaboration.

@Udayarangi (U Perera) - Consulting Engineer
For sharing his experience and designs from his own scanner. His experience with lighting has helped many and he has made efforts to further our collaborative efforts, such as this post on sound extraction.

@dan74 (???) - Consulting Engineer
For his long-term commitment to getting updates on Andreas’ soundtrack software and for always coming up with interesting links and approaches since 2016

@Maker (John Vanderlans) - Consulting Engineer
Although we haven’t seen him in a while, his additions to the conversations on motor selection were very helpful and full of good questions that moved the project forward. His build is also worth checking out.

@PM490 (Pablo Milian) - Consulting Engineer
An all around contributor, Pablo has shared with us his own 8mm build and has shown an ability to consistently deliver updates and improvements. His experience and advice on lighting has been valuable to Kinograph and others.

@digitap (Brian Roush) - Consulting Engineer
Brian has given sound advice on how to think about film cleaning and whether or not using PTR rollers are a good idea. His ability to ask tough questions while bringing together different points of view has been productive for all involved.

@Martin_Weiss - Consulting Engineer
Martin is a wealth of information in all areas. As an industry expert, he’s helped forum readers with everything from lighting to mechanical design to patents.

Erik Piil - Consulting Engineer
When he was an archivist at Anthology Film Archives in NYC, Erik was an early proponent and mentor for Kinograph. He was generous with his experience and provided a lot of great feedback that helped shape Kinogaph into what it is today.

@agus35monk (Robert Hart) - Consulting Engineer
Robert is the kind of guy who has an idea (convert a Steenbeck!) and follow-through on it, and then comes back to share the results. My favorite kind of collaborator.

@Andreas (Andreas Kallo) - Consulting Engineer
Andreas. Our great hope for sound extraction. His tireless pursuit of improvements to AEOLight has shown promising results. He has been generous to the community with his efforts and sharing his work and we thank him with big hearts. Hope to see you back soon.

@Greg (Greg Schmidt) - Consulting Engineer
Greg helped lead the discussion on circuit design for the lighting setup and has always had useful links to provide. His experience laid the foundation for our current phase of research on lighting.

@friolator (Perry Paolantonio) - Consulting Engineer
Coming in this year with a bang, Perry has already proved to be a strong contributor to the community by sharing his work on his 70mm scanner, aka “Sasquatch.” He’s an industry veteran and I greatly appreciate his spirit of generosity.

@danielteolijr - Consulting Engineer
I think of Daniel as our cultural contributor. While not a builder by his own standards, he continues to post interesting content that is always refreshing and reminds me why I got into this in the first place.

@ednisley - Consulting Engineer
Ed is someone I met in real life who has decades of engineering experience. When I brought him what I thought were complicated issues, he smiled and quickly explained the multiple simple solutions that I could employ…all of which relied on simple physics. He’s a maker and scientist of the best sort - the kind that gives a damn. His ideas on the drivetrain and hardware sound capture are still hot in my brain and may one day actually get made if I get the chance.

Charles Pomaski - Consulting Engineer
Charles was one of the first major contributors to the Kinogaph “ecosystem” with his tutorials for image stabilization with Fusion and Blender.

@nachoseimanas - Consulting Engineer
Nacho first contacted me in 2017 about his team’s efforts to preserve local films with an old scanner at Audiovisual Preservation Laboratory of the General Archive of the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He’s back in 2020 along with the with a great collection of scans and a video on how to achieve image stabilization post-scan with Blender. We will definitely benefit from his guidance.

Chris Ritter and Michael Reilly (aka @AACALibrary) - Consulting Engineers
These intrepid pioneers were the first brave people to build a Kinograph v1 besides me. They made several improvements and used it to successfully scan some great footage of classic cars.

@ToddRuel - Consulting Engineer
Todd has given a lot of great feedback on Moviestuff’s new scanner and how Kinograph can live up to the standard that Roger Evans has set. His experience with the RetroScan has been valuable and his thoughts on how to weigh cost vs. features has been invaluable to me.

@Roger_Evans - Consulting Engineer
I never expected to see Roger on the forums since he’s been making his own scanners since the early 2000s and has more experience than probably all of us put together. Not only did Roger join our recent discussion of his newest machine, but offered a lot of great insight into his design and how he makes his choices about trade-offs. I look up to Roger and his business and I’m grateful he shares his experience with us. Also, he’s an incredible artist and a published author.

Community Contributors

Individuals whose input has been directly implemented in the official releases of the platform.

@VitalSparks (Jeff Caunter) - Contributing Engineer
For being a patient mentor to us all as he shared with us his detailed and extremely well thought-out designs for Kinograph v2. He introduced me to PID loops, which are now being used in the v2 beta. His engineering experience is valuable to us all and not one to stand behind the calculator, he’s quick to get dirty with his hands and prototype his ideas. If Jeff Caunter makes a post, it’s worth reading.

@Peter - Contributing Engineer
Peter was a heavy hitter in the early days of the forums that really set the bar for quality approaches to some of Kinograph’s biggest issues. Even though he had to leave us in 2016 (he worked for a competitor), his advice still sets the bar for quality approaches to some of Kinograph’s biggest issues. In this post from 2015, he pointed us to the camera Kinograph is now using in pilot projects. We miss you, Peter!

@Matteo_Ricchetti - Contributing Engineer
In his first post ever, Matteo helped our contractor (along with cpixip) solve the bouncy PID hub problem. Ace!

@cpixip (Rolf Henkel) - Contributing Engineer
Cpixip has done us all a huge favor by publishing his stabilization script. Robust without being over-engineered, the script is sure to be a reference point for how Kinograph handles post-scan workflow in the future. He also has an incredible build of his own with great documentation.

Timothy Dulin - Contributing Engineer
Back in 2013, Timothy sent me parts from old machines that his company had and was an early supporter of Kinograph. All these years later I still refer back to them for inspiration. They literally don’t make them like they used to. One of the parts was a 35mm gate that is reproduced in v2.

@johnarthurkelly - Contributing Engineer
For sharing his impressive 8mm build, and his generous spirit answering questions. His expertise in lighting was so valuable I asked him to conduct a round of research for Kinograph v2.

Community Core

Individuals who have made significant, on-going contributions to the project.

I look forward to seeing which of these names will end up in the Core category as Kinograph becomes a long-term project. I expect we will see some promoted here in short time…maybe you!