My first project


Hi All

My parents have a load of super 8 films and I want to convert them to digital. I discovered the super 8 raspberry scan project

on git hub but the instructions are a little vague,

I have the following

A raspberry pi 3
Raspberry pi touch screen
Pi camera
A macro lense
A couple of old film editing machines which I was planning to harvest rollers and arms off.

What I cannot find are any 3D printer plans. Does any one have these?

I’m aiming for a budget concept build. Any help would be appreciated.


I believe he used this guys roller… he had a reference to his project.
He has a couple other parts too.

I think his film gate was from another reference project in the gut hub which does have 3D models

I’ve been looking at that guys github let us know how it goes.


Thanks B that’s really helpful. I will take a look and may have some questions.

I’ve got lots of bits I just need to try and put them together in the correct order :joy:


As I probably mentioned I’m aiming for a budget build. Playing with Lego, some tissue and a torch for the gate. First time I’ve seen what’s on a random test reel.


Trying to keep my train of thought in one place so it will help others not make the same mistakes. Bought the following as a macro lense (budget £3)


Check out my previous posts, I took the lorry image without macro. But I use it only for 8 mm films. Pi camera V2. Have a nice day.


I have obtained a free printer and harvested it for parts for my budget build.

Any idea what type of motors these are?


I suppose two of these are dc motors. I do not recognise the upper one. Check this: "“how to recognize ac and dc motors.” from google.