My telecine software - New version

Participating in this forum is undoubtedly an enriching experience.
I have had access to knowledge on aspects previously unknown to me.

@dgalland has suggested to me to use the pigpio library on the server. The use of this library supposes a more regular and stable control of the motor and a higher speed.

@dgalland also pointed out to me the possibility of using a function that calculates a numerical index of focus quality. In the preview images now appears such an index that gives us objective data on the focus of the captured images.

@cpixip has suggested a function for the normalization of the HDR images obtained using the Mertens algorithm, which produces final images with better contrast.

I have incorporated these contributions with notable success into this new version of the software. Thank you both for your contributions.

For my part, I had observed that during long scanning sessions, exceptions of the type PiCameraRuntimeError (‘Timed out waiting for capture to end’) were thrown.

These exceptions meant the interruption of the work and the restart of the software.

I have not been able to determine the exact cause of the problem, so I have decided to catch the exceptions in the server software, so that it recovers automatically and continues with the work as if nothing had happened.

I have to tell potential interested parties to read the new instructions carefully. Especially the setup of the server has changed a lot.

Greetings to all members of the forum.

Instructions.pdf (45.4 KB) (791.0 KB) (15.2 KB) (999 Bytes)
DSuper8 Wiring Diagram.pdf (45.5 KB)


@Manuel_Angel I haven’t used your software yet, but would like to thank you for sharing the information. Hope that when the time comes, it would help me as reference for Mertens and for the RPi Camera. Great work, and I appreciate you sharing it in the forum.

@Manuel_Angel thanks a lot for sharing your development. Appreciate. I’ve installed the new software… success. Just a warning to whom want to do a fresh install. The latest Raspi OS proposed is based on Debian11 , called “Bullseye” ,many libraries are not updated yet.Better stay with the previous OS “Buster”.


@PM490, thanks for your kind words. Of course you can count on everything that is within my reach to carry out your project.

Thanks @sciallino, I do not know much about the matter, but from what I understand, with the new version of Raspberry Pi OS there have been important changes in the software related to the camera and the old PiCamera library does not work, so that, at the moment, the ones we use PiCamera must remain in the Buster version of the operating system.

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