New camera options?

Hi all. I wanted to revisit cameras with you as there may have been some new developments or products to come out that I have not seen since I last went digging a few years back. I met someone recently who built a DIY scanner using the ZCam linked below and it got me curious about what options might exist beyond the industrial camera route I’ve been on until now with Flir.

Here are a couple links to whet your appettite. As you browse, keep in mind that we’d like to be able to achieve the following:

  • minimum 2K, 4K would be nice
  • affordable!
  • easy to find compatible lenses
  • can be triggered by cable/remote, or has a port for I/O signals we could hack
  • 10-bit minimum, 12-bit preferable
  • as many stops dynamic range as we can get. Ideally > 10.
  • compact form factor

Here are a few that I came across after a very quick search. I’d love it if we could vet these together and look for some more.

Zcam E2C (PDF manual)
Blackmagic Micro Cinema camera

Hi Matthew

I recently purchased a Ximea MC050CG-SY
, It’s an industrial camera. I will post soon my setup and results. It’s promising, it records directly in raw dng.
Does he use the lanc port of the Zcam ?

I was looking iinto the Red Komodo for a while. It seemed to be a good option with high resolution (6k), high dynamic range, and global shutter. Also, for someone who has no idea how to write programs it was an easy way to get high quality RAW files. It also has a GPI input.

Unfortunately the firmware on the camera doesn’t have the functions present on their higher end models that would allow for individual frame captures. Maybe that will change at some point. I did contact someone but they never answered my question.

I have recently been looking at the Basler Boost series and that seems to be a decent option.

Of course neither of these options are inexpensive.

I was able to get still frames out of a RED camera several years ago by using a setting that created 1-frame “scene” files. Perhaps that is something the Komodo can do? I had a video on the YouTube channel but is shut down for reasons still unknown. If I come across it again I’ll send it to you.

Will def checkout the Basler. Thanks for the link!

i made a comparison chart here, with commenting powers granted to everyone: Camera Comparison Matrix - Google Sheets

Sigma FP!

Thanks for the recommendation! I tried finding on the website what kind of shutter the camera has: global or rolling. I’m assuming it’s rolling. Do you know?