Required shhutter Speed

If I am using continues motion, what would be the required shutter speed/ flash duration to arrest the movement and get a sharp image. Has any one tested this?


I have zeroed in on 20 microseconds as ideal. However to achieve this fast a shutter, you need a boatload of light. 20 works well on lighter film, but if the film is darker, it is not well exposed at 20. I am building a new 400watt light to get to 20 consistently. I have used as high as 180microseconds with good results as well.

I covered this in a thread that I started a while ago. If you trawl down the thread, you will come across the results of my research summarised in an Excel spreadsheet.


Thanks guys for the quick response.
Trying to absorb all the information from that thread.

Is there any other threads about your project? I specially like to know about your approach to keep a constant transport speed.