RobinoScan RT 16/35 Scanner

Hello everyone, I started building my 16/35 scanner recently and wanted to share my progress with the community.

I just finished hooking up the film transport controls tonight, the drive system is an ODrive controller with 2 brushless motors + encoders, the tension is well controlled at any speed. Controls are hooked through an Arduino who sends ASCII commands to the ODrive. There’s still a bit of refinement to be done with motor tuning but it works well enough now to move on to the next step (Gate design and trigger). It’s a direct drive system, reels on the motor shafts.

I’m going for a “Turntable” tabletop style with a removable acrylic cover to protect from dust when scanning. For the rollers, I’m using PTRs (inspired by Kinetta) because I like the simplicity, and I added 2 rollers on each side to help guide the film.

The controls are temporarily bolted on the front but in final design they will be embedded on the left side in the top plate.

Here’s the build so far with controls installed.

…and a video moving film. Exciting to be able to use physical buttons, it was tiring entering terminal commands :slight_smile:

Password: robinoscan

As the design evolves, things will move around a bit so I made extra holes to help prototype.

I started working on my integrating sphere. The top part is the heatsink mount for the RGB chip.

…but for now, I will be re-using the same light system I built for my optical printer scanners. There’s great work being done by @matthewepler and other forum members on light systems that are very nice and maybe I could migrate toward that eventually.

This is the light system I made for my optical printer scanners with touch screen RGB controls / 100W RGB chip.

I got the Keyence amp and sensor that @matthewepler recommended, I’ll be installing it this weekend.

For the camera, I’m planning on using the FLIR Oryx 10G / Model: ORX-10G-245S8C, let me know if that’s a good choice it will be my first machine vision system.



Congratulations on the excellent work that I think is truly professional.

Pardon my ignorance. I would like to know what is the impressive machine that appears to the left of the last photograph.


No problem! This is a bi-pack optical printer with custom controls for special effects work. I use it for scanning and also opticals.

Cool design!

I can’t tell what your gate looks like, but the ones in the commercial machines have the window at the top of the gate not the bottom so that may be one thing to think about later on, the main thing is to get the film nice and flat and the light even. I assume you’re going to mount a laser for the sprockets, I’d be very interested to know how you advance the frame if you do as that could assist others.

The camera will need a fan dissipate heat, I’ve sent you a photo.

The current gate is a temporary one, I made it so I could work/test the film path & transport controls but now I have to design a better one with edge pressure plate and sensor mount. The window is at the top of the gate. Have to say even this temp gate appears to flatten the film very nice because of the curvature in it.

Yes I got the same system that was discussed somewhere on the forum I can’t remember. It’s the Keyence FS-N41P amp with the FU-20 sensor. Now the ebay seller I got it from sent me an older version of the amp (FS-V21RP) so I have to deal with that… It’s ok though I can still work this weekend and use this older model to set up since the FU 20 will not change.

The film is driven with the ODrive controller and brushless motors as outlined in the top post. The plan I’m thinking is connecting the sensor to Arduino for displaying frame count and triggering the camera but the Arduino might be too slow?? I have no idea, this is what I will experiment with this weekend.

Oh and if anyone is getting ODrive let me know I can share what I know and could also use some help with intricate / advanced coding…


I’ve used the keyence sensor output to an interrupt pin on the arduino. I just run a couple lines to update a count and set the camera trigger pin to high, it works well so far just with my basic testing :slight_smile:

I’ll be using the Teensy 4.1. It has pins that can be used as counters. Check out this post on the Teensy forums.

@Andyw in my testing the Arduino interrupts were too slow for speeds 12fps+ but I’m a space cadet amateur and that may not mean anything at all :slight_smile:

@robinojones I got my ODrive and I’ll be attempting to set it up this weekend. Let me know if you’re around for guidance!

I’m around, email me and we can arrange some time to go over everything.

Oh that’s good to know. I’m hopeless at programming so don’t worry. I didn’t get my motors running that fast to find that out. I better look into another solution!

Very keen to see how this ODrive system works out.