The Backlight


Martin, it will be interesting to see what results you get but I would recomend using three seperate leds rather than high CRI, broad spectrum LEDs.

I have explained why on the LED light source thread here.

Anyway, as you have bought the leds already, best of luck.



Apologies for not posting any diagrams or photographs of my LED unit. I will do it soon. It cost me 20$.


Steve, I agree (at least) 100%. This is for testing an alternative workflow with a Bayer-patterned sensor; where the primary goal is speed. For quality/color I would and will go the monochrome sensor, individual lightsource route.


Noob here. I’ve seen this before, stumbled across it again, had something useful to share.
Just wanted to mention / medialight. They make bias lighting for direct view monitors, color timing, etc. They have a high quality LED that is a D65. A group buy might do, as you have to buy them as a “kit” of several feet (the spacing of the LED’s is about 1 LED every 33.33mm or 1+5/16"). I use them for diverse things from their intended purpose (back lighting of direct view screens), to illuminating a Conductor’s podium.