The Missing Link? -- Sound Capture with Hardware


Andreas thanks for the information.
I wish a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself!
We look forward to your soft.Vsego good!


The new version of AEO-Light 2.1 beta


Courtesy - University of South Carolina - Greg Wilsbacher
The new version of AEO-Light 2.2 beta -
Added work with files - * .tiff


Andreas health as a? what’s new?


my health is OK, the hand is cured. I have finished the thesis and now I am waiting for the colloquium.
The research results will be presented next month at the TMT29 in Cologne.
At that point there is still no GUI implemented, but the restoration quality is better than that of AEO-Light 2.2.
The University of Emden will continue the research in other projects by other students and I will continue too.
But for now I have to search a new job and perhaps investors for the audio restoration software.
I will also apply at the University of South Carolina to join their development team, as they seem to have good opportunities (access to scanners and film material etc.).
So, the next few months will show…


Andreas, we will wait for realization of your ideas.


Someone tell me where to download this software?


It seems a proprietary software used by the Company. Not for sale or distribution. AEO or hopefully Andreas



Did you change your earlier intention to release the software as open source.? I got that idea since you are looking for investors. Whatever, Wish you success.


No, I haven’t changed my intention. I am also not related to the ScanPERFect clip.
But as I wrote, I am currently searching for a new job. It would be nice, if that could be an optical audio restoration related project at a university, so that I would be paid for it, while writing my PhD.
That was, what I meant by investors.
At Emden it is highly unlikely, because they have no budget for it. The university of Emden will continue that project too, but based on students work (without wages).
The AEO-Light team were six to eight persons who worked on that topic for six years with a budget of about 300.000$.
I am only one guy, who worked on it for one year without budget and without broad access to film material and a film scanner.
If I don’t get an opportunity to work in that direction, I will reorient but continue the optical audio restoration software on a private basis.
But that will take time.

My research results will be presented this weekend in Cologne at the TMT29. That is a convention for sound editors and sound engineers. I hope that will offer some opportunities.
By the way, here is a new restoration clip, that also will be shown at the TMT:


Excellent work Andreas, Hope everything would turnout well for you. All the best.

What I intended from my earlier post was that SCANPERfect is a proprietary software used by the Company. And only solution available for us would be AEO or (hopefully) Andreas software. I was not clear it seems. Sorry for the confusion.

Let us know the outcome of the screening at the TMT29.
Wish you all the best and luck.


My attendance at the TMT29 had no results. Seems like audio industry is not interested in
developing that kind of software. So I am working on it during my leisure time now.


Sorry to hear that the audio industry was not interested. But I think it is to be expected. The industry wants software they can sell more.


Andreas, do not worry. Your program sounds better.
We hope to try soon.


Andreas hello.
News about the program?
When will we see?


Are we the only ones interested?
I also eagerly await for its release.


Time is the main issue at the moment.
The software has a name now: OSIRes for Optical Soundtrack Image Processing Restoration
And I have started to develop some functions for dolby stereo soundtracks.
But my time is very limited at the moment, so I can’t really say when OSIRes will be
I hope it will be before summer, but no guarantee.


If we raised some money would you be able to devote some time to working on it? Like a freelance project?



I don’t think so.
It is a turbulent time for me now. And to be a freelancer is also risky.
Let me a little bit time till summer.
If OSIRes isn’t finished then, I will publish the source code, so others can work on it too.


Hi Andreas. Summer has come. Do you have news for us?