[v2 dev] Milestone 2 - Frame Detection

A series of tests to determine the best method for detecting and triggering the capture of a frame. The results should reveal a design that is most likely to give consistent results given a variety of film stocks.

The most important mechanism in Kinograph is determining when to take a photograph . There is more than one way to determine when the right time is. We could use the film’s perforations, or we could use a camera to detect when a new frame is ready to be photographed. This phase will test those two different approaches to see which is more effective.


  • Variety of film stocks in 35mm and 16mm with varying levels of perf damage
  • trip to NYC to install camera system with BKR
  • purchase of computer system for controlling camera and its software
  • new gate design


  • Design specifications for a frame detection system.
  • Weekly updates from BKR to be shared with community