Integration of FLIR cameras

Currently I use a Nikon J1 Camera for my scanner. I intend to replace it with a FLIR camera. However I am not familiar with the work flow for these Cameras. I highly appreciate your advise on this.

  1. Is it possible to view a full screen output from the camera?
  2. What is the best way to get the highest quality .dng or .dpx convertion from these cameras.?
    Thank you.
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I just tried another capture software called Activegige by a&b Software

It recognizes my blackfly camera and can directly record in dpx

Thanks Fabien, You are a great help. How was the quality of the output. I am really interested in seeing a sample dpx file.
I visited their site. It seems a much better alternative is to buy a camera from them.

Unfortunately, the dpx option in not available on the demo version. He has sent me a dpx file from a point grey camera, it is 10bits, seems ok but would be nice to check by myself with a test chart for example.
I didn’t see they sell also camera, will have a look, thank you

They sell cameras. But FLIR cameras are not in their catalogue. I requested details for A Hikvision Camera based on the Sony IMX 187.

I also received the sample .dpx. What a poor sample to show off their software.

Yes, they should allow us to test the dpx in their demo.

And they say a run time license will provide with every purchase of a camera. But then inform that you need to purchase the sdk for US$ 490/- to run it. Rather a funny way of marketing.

Yes, that’s expensive…
I’ve found another camera company : Ximea
Their capture software seems to support DNG during the capture
But no price on their website, waiting for an answer from the contact sales…

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Ah Fabien, How can I proceed without your help?

Ah Maheel, Thank you :wink:
If only we could succeed with theses raw and dng…
Maybe we should start a programming course :grinning:

Problem is now I am too old for that I think. Have to ask Denis Carl @ The Gugusse Roller for advise. He is writing all his software. Unfortunately he works with a Raspberry Pi.

Capture d’écran 2021-02-05 à 13.14.08

This is a screen capture of the XIMEA software, this would be perfect

Hmm. Hope they will have some sensible pricing. Did you receive a quotation or a Demo?

No quotation yet.
You can download the software for free

Have you tried it out? Like to see a sample .dng. I do not have any machine vision camera footage with me to test. Are there any limitations or watermarks to the downloaded version?

I can’t try, my blackly is not compatible. It seems like only Ximea camera is compatible…
I don’t see any limitations or watermarks…

Back to square one. I wrote to Hikvision regarding their camera based on the Sony IMX 178 sensor. Their model is only US$ 190/- whereas the FLIR version based on the same sensor is US$ 445/-. At the ab-soft the same Hikvision camera is US$ 250/-. I may purchase this camera from Hikvision and, if the camera is OK, later purchase the software from ab-soft. That is the only solution that comes to my mind.

That could be a good solution.
Is it this camera ?
hikvision mv-ce060-10uc
Still waiting for ximea quotation…

ok Ximea is not for me :grinning:
“The single unit net prices for the MD028CU-SY is 1.950 € and 2.790 € for the MD061CY-SY, excl. shipping and taxes.”